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Home > English (en) > News > 2010 > DEATH PENALTY FOR MARIJUANA IN MALAYSIA
Published on 2 March 2010  by encod


Source: Toke of the Town

December 28, 2009


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​A 25-year-old man wept openly in Malaysian High Court court this morning when the judge sentenced him to death for marijuana.

Shahrul Izani Suparman was convicted of possessing 622 grams of cannabis with intent to deliver, reports Azreen Hani of The Malay Mail. Shahrul was 19 years old when he was arrested on Sept. 25, 2003.

According to police, Shahrul tried to get away from them on foot when he was ordered to stop while riding his motorcycle in Klang, Malaysia. Authorities said Shahrul had made a U-turn, and was riding without his lights on.

The marijuana, packed in two separate newspaper wrappings, was found in the motorcycle’s basket. Shahrul was charged under Malaysia’s Dangerous Drugs Act of 1952, which upon conviction carries a death sentence by hanging.

Hemp kills in Malaysia — because that’s what they use to hang you with.
​Malaysia, along with Vietnam, Indonesia, China and several other Asian countries, has some of the harshest drug laws on Earth. Mere possession of more than 200 grams carries a mandatory death penalty by hanging in Malaysia.

Shahrul had spent the last six years in prison while battling the charges.

His lawyer, Suzanawati Ismail, asked the court to spare his client’s life, as this was the accused’s first offense. The lawyer said his client was only trying to escape the police since he knew he was guilty for riding the motorcycle without the lights on, and was unaware of the cannabis he was carrying, as he "was only helping his friend deliver" it.

Shahrul admitted his friend paid him for making deliveries on two separate occasions, but denied any knowledge of the contents of the packages he was asked to carry.

The judge, Datuk Mohd Zaki Yasin, was unmoved and sentenced Shahrul to death. The defendant has until Jan. 11 to appeal the court’s decision, according to The Malay Mail.

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9 Forum posts
  • DEATH PENALTY FOR MARIJUANA IN MALAYSIA 18 August 2010 09:32, by Rhonda Lawson
    This is inhumane beyond all reason!!! How can Countries still hang on to such archaic methods of punishment??? And for what? Possession of a plant more or less? Please rethink what is going to be done to this man. Death over a plant is not the answer!!! Countries need to update their Marijuana Laws and penalties for possession of such. Do Not Murder this man !!! And that is what it would be.. murder. Marijuana can be used to treat so many illnesses and disorders, it is beneficial not detrimental like tobacco or actual drugs like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines. Even pharmaceuticals are detrimental to one’s health... Marijuana is not. Stop this insanity now!!!

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    • DEATH PENALTY FOR MARIJUANA IN MALAYSIA 20 August 2010 19:17, by Jayelle Farmer
      It is nothing short of a barbaric state of affairs that people are being executed for cannabis in Malaysia. We need to bring mass attention to what is happening with the execution of cannabis law offenders in Malaysia. It is my belief that, as citizens of western democracies, we need to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis in our own countries, because only then will our governments be truly be in a position to be able to bring pressure to bear on Malaysia to end these executions. As long as the USA and other western countries maintain cannabis prohibition, they do not have the strong moral and humanitarian grounds to stand on to bring pressure to bear on the the Malaysian government in teaching them the difference between cannabis and hard drugs. I have researched and published the full list of all cannabis death sentences handed down in Malaysia from years 2000 - 2010 and continually update this list. Please support the work of ENCOD and please write to your nearest Malaysian Embassy and protest about the death penalty for cannabis offences. We cannot allow this to continue! Campaign! Jayelle Farmer Founder Legalise Cannabis International http://www.legaliseinternational.com/countries/Malaysia/index.html

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    • and what about all the lives that he ruined by trafficking ? what if your son/daughter is a pothead now because of this guy - would you still feel the same ? therez always a flip side to the coin. people traffic drugs eventhough they know its dangerous because its easy money, and then when they get caught its just a media frenzy and all of a sudden society cares about drugs/drug users ? Examplary sanctions are important to keep crime at bay. p/s : im pretty sure the cannabis was not for ’medical purposes’. get real and dont insult people who actually are sick and benefit from marijuana.

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      • DEATH PENALTY FOR MARIJUANA IN MALAYSIA 14 September 2012 12:16, by Education
        You my friend have very limited knowledge about "drugs" . ruined lives from cannabis? last I checked, one can’t die from overdosing on THC. Well, in theory you can, but I don;t think anyone can reach that limit( if you say maybe some can, then u need to read up on the effects of cannabis). you also generalize them as drug/drug users, which in-fact we all are; sleeping pills? Aspirin? nicotine? alcohol? caffeine? codeine? all of that are drugs too and legal, which coincidentally have addictive properties to them which cannabis doesn’t. so please educate yourself and learn that the law against cannabis is actually killing people instead of protecting your children or my children or whoever it is that you think it is harming. Oh and P.S if you want to say the money gained from selling cannabis is used to fuel criminal organizations then please remember that government banned it and people will still smoke, so who else is going to get it for the people? root cause is the banning just like the alcohol prohibition in the early 1900’s in the US.

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  • I pray he wins this case. What a terrible and sad story, Death for a plant!? What a strange world we live in.

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  • DEATH PENALTY FOR MARIJUANA IN MALAYSIA 3 February 2011 12:00, by Jack the Raper
    I just discovered that Malaysia and King Saddam Hussein are only in different place and timing. They are the same and very invisible indeed. The real problem is Austronesian Islam wanted me due to my race, religion, ethnic social group, political peasants opinion in group, and slow killing step by step to make sure I will be un-recognised through conspiracy theories, and I am their targeted practice. Can any help to poor old man like me as an ordinary citizen in Malaysia, because I believe all Austronesian is the same culprits mentalities only different is within the margin of their social group and culture. To amplify my problem all identical majority ethnic Indians and minority ethnic Chinese belonging to politics business do put moral supports against my will. The unjust punishment have accumulated over the years. I was afraid the public will look at me walking on the street as a criminal with freedom because of my race, religion, ethnic social group and the police will do to me in this country in the near future ended me in the dark or worst have me cripple or even worst have me killed. Thank you. Regards, Soo Keong Chean Malaysia.

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  • Removal of Web pages and photographs from Malaysian Press 10 February 2011 06:08, by Jayelle Farmer
    I maintain a database, on our Legalise Cannabis International website, on all of the death sentences handed down for cannabis in Malaysia. I’m a bit upset about the Malaysian government ordering the removal, over the last 2 days, of web pages and photos on the Malaysian press websites, about the cannabis death sentences, and sat here for about 18 hours, until 1.30pm (my time) on Wednesday backing up pdf files and photos as much as I can. I’m about 3 parts there, but another long night ahead. The one web page that I am particularly annoyed about being lost, was the web page in Malaysian, of the execution of Ramli Kasron. I regret not pdf’ing that page and I can’t stop thinking about it right now. It had photos of the hanging, and his Mother, being consoled by her family, and even though it was all in the Malay language, it was a poignant web page. Over the past 2 days, Malay gov have been removing Press reports. Because I know which ones they are, I have found a common point and thread with all of them - they are all reports for death sentences handed down for amounts of less than one kilo of cannabis. Someone in the gov made a decision on this, and is getting someone to implement these removals. I haven’t started my ongoing work on this yet, tonight, but I wonder if I will be finding more removals too. I hope not. I just thought to let ENCOD know about this recent development. Jayelle Farmer http://www.legaliseinternational.com

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