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Published on 14 July 2011  by encod


Learn shocking Facts of hidden global Law plus the Truth about the movement to lift the worldwide Cannabis Prohibition

If you are Pro legalising Marijuana for Medicine and want to know the hidden Facts on global law you urgently need to read these few pages

Presenting: The Report of The Family Council on Drug Awareness
(FCDA) Europe & America

A Medical Nuremberg - June Solstice 2011 Onwards

By Chris Rowley, private investigative reporter and prosecutor For the People since 1998

All the versions of this article: [English]

US Chief Justice Harlan Stone stated: "The law is on trial, quite as much as the case to be decided"

In the light of Justice Stones’ statement above is what this is all about, putting the global law on trial in Ireland this autumn regarding cannabis prohibition. I implicitly trust that this news will both inspire and fast galvanise all you honest decent folk everywhere in Ireland and worldwide into action, publicly demonstrating compassion in mass unity for the sick and prisoners alike.

Having received an urgent call recently to publicly re-emerge, it’s my humanitarian Duty to again tell the worlds’ public the truth. I’ve called this news report A Medical Nuremberg, in memory of James Cox US, for every sick child and person, everyone on planet today right now who is being denied cannabis and very ill or dying. For over twelve years now in the UK and Ireland we have been trying extremely hard to get The Report of the Family Council on Drug Awareness (FCDA) Europe & America publicly exposed worldwide to attain true justice for everyone.

The Report, that’s it’s official title is: Cannabis, The Facts, Human Rights and The Law. 238 pages of extremely edifying public information. The order form in The Report says: This book contains what every parent, teacher, teenager and juror should know. Hence this very urgent call for cannabis organisations and people everywhere to now unite for a very special rally.

The Report is fully endorsed by Honest UK & US judges, complete with a full irrefutable US Judges Ruling from the US’s very compassionate Judge Young in 1988 on numerous medical case histories he reviewed. He also ruled that there was indeed an accepted use for cannabis as medicine in America, so therefore the world. His Ruling was callously, illegally hidden by the DEA, world governments and mainstream media since. The Report is also fully endorsed by honest Citizens, Doctors of Medicine, Jurisprudence, Psychiatry, Economics experts, the Rt. Hon. Jonathan Porrit TV presenter and many other leading world academics who are all respectable compassionate and caring people, like most people are.

Please remember at all times, that this is judges and other world academics Exonerative Evidence you will read, plus our story of how we used The Report over a decade ago against Blair’s UK government and others. The public action we took against them was very heavily suppressed by the UK and Europe’s national media.

I worked with Alun Buffry of UK’s LCA who put much of the FCDA and other law info up on net for me / the public, between 1998-2000 when UK, Europe and Irish states and judges discovered over I’m a very strong pro-cannabis prosecutorial activist. Jack Girling of UK’s CLCIA said to me in 1998 that the public prosecutorial files I was writing at the time were historical documents. Perhaps this one may be too. The information plus quotes from The Report supplied here are more than enough for the public to fully question their government with. Using just these quotes there is no need for anyone to buy the FCDA Report.

In 1912 cannabis was made illegal in the UK and Ireland as it was alleged, that cannabis made bonded servants (slaves?) lethargic. The first of numerous world governments lies. Almost to the day now, this is a complete century of European governments Capital Crimes on the sick as well as innocent prisoners. These criminal outrages on the world’s public still on-going today must cease forthwith. This can only occur with a mass public demonstration to expose via a satellite televised public hearing, The Report of the FCDA. In its many thousands of years of use cannabis has never ever, caused a single death.

Viewing the two recent documentaries on cannabis The Union and How Weed Won The West for those who haven’t seen them, is an absolute must. Professor Grinspoon is brilliant helping to expose the world lie about the cannabis prohibition. What you will read here will shock and surprise you all, but it’s the Truth which must fast be made public. Governments Crimes Against Humanity must be told and they must unquestionably, be brought before the public to account for them as shown herein.

The quotes here from The Report as well as the FCDA directors are a damning indictment against all governments worldwide with the cannabis prohibition installed. The Report’s been mega-heavily suppressed by world media since it emerged over fourteen years ago, with the majority of the world’s public never even hearing of it. Public exposure of The Report will immediately attain the following beneficial effects for the entire world.

1) To give dying and sick children and people worldwide the immediate healing relief that we all know cannabis brings.

2) To free every single cannabis prisoner globally which is their legal, immediate-now due Right, as clearly shown in The Report.

3) To get everyone their also immediate-now Due full legal rights which are: Amnesty, the expunction of all world states records on cannabis ’crimes’ as well as full financial compensation, shown clearly in The Report and on page 36, the RESTORATION page of the FCDA Indictment. The Report plus 36-page FCDA Indictment is for everyone worldwide to know that it’s the unbeatable legal retaliation against all world states illegal and criminal laws concerning cannabis prohibition.

As the UK and Eire public’s prosecuting team leader from 1998-2000 I’m re-emerging to extend a helping hand to you folk out there in the world who aren’t aware of the FCDA Report or the works we did. Amongst other things I’m a private investigator and reporter, a full time job in itself investigating, writing prosecutorial files, educating folk verbally. We were very disappointed after all the hard public works we did in 1998-2000 that a rally never came to fruition. I’m not an organiser of marches but plenty of other folk and organisations are.

The reason a rally didn’t happen then was because the public in UK/Europe were all sitting agape at our unique, legal, high profile prosecutorial public approach on the UK monarchy, UK government, Eire government and ECHR judges which had never been seen or done before in history. As a united public team we proved then, that there’s a first time for everything.

At the top of page 1 of the FCDA Indictment it states: Cannabis is Not a Drug, Accurate Language. The FCDA explain that the word drug is derived from the Dutch word Droog, meaning dried herbs. Also on page 1 are and I report only the Facts. Quote: Some of the states tyrannical activities: Perjury, Fraud, Malindoctrination, Disinformation and Conspiracy. Radioactivity from phosphate fertilisers is Principal carcinogen. Crime Against Humanity, Crime Against Peace. Finding of Fact: THC is Not Cannabis. This small section on one Finding of Fact alone clearly shows why THC is Not cannabis, exposing more of world states on how they mislead and lie to the public, as does the full page on Findings of Fact in The Report.

On page 36 of the FCDA’s Indictment No. 4 we read: The evolution and execution of procedure whereby the Crime of Tyranny of Prohibition of Cannabis be terminated...whereby to determine and bring before the public those responsible for the said Crime, and where appropriate do Justice. Under Nota Bene on page 36 we also read: Where the ’law’ is wrong i.e. illegal, it is weak, inconsistent and wrong not to insist on consumate restitution. It is incumbent on all citizens to unite and resolutely demand the end of the malignant tyranny of prohibition of cannabis, which is a money-motivated, profit-protection corporate conspiracy.

The quote from the bottom paragraph page 24 of the softback version of The Report with its serious ramifications must fast be made public internationally. Quote: "Denial of general legal availability of life-saving preventive cannabis is malicious and premeditated and can cause early deaths. By definition and in law, this constitutes Murder UK Homicide US". The Report exposes far more than this but, that particular law quote is the most serious law quote in the entire Report. Also on p. 24 they clearly state that: all arrests, trials, incarcerations and forfeitures are illegal. They omit to mention that therefore all warrants are also illegal, but they do explicitly state again on page 24 that, the prohibitionists are the Cause of the current pandemic of disease and death on Earth. In fact, all these quotes here deserve immediate international public recognition.

Essentially what the FCDA are saying via the above quote re. Denial is that, all these cancer victims and others are actually being murdered because of the cannabis prohibition. Reflect what the above quote means, considering all child and other cancer victims, as well as other victims with numerous medical illnesses worldwide. In The Report is the highlighted case of a 3-year old boy cancer victim being given cannabis tea and cookies by his mum in the U.S.’s Spokane hospital, with the hospitals’ full approval. This immediately negates world states and mainstream media lies that cannabis is ’harmful’, for if it were, then obviously the hospital wouldn’t have allowed a child to have it. As a grandparent I advise all parents to please note this well.

In summer 1998 we laid official legal public charges against UK’s Blair and his government with the FCDA’s 36-page Indictment, which Alun put up on Internet. This was also published in the UK’s Red Eye Express (REE) also summer of 1998 and James Cox’s tragic story also appeared in the same volume of the REE. This was not reported by the BBC or any UK national media of course although they all knew, as I sent several registered letters into Jeremy Paxman TV presenter at the BBC which he also very callously and rudely ignored. Consider the following disturbing statements.

President Joseph Kosarek of the Cancer Victims and Friends Journal in America in 1977 stated: "It is disappointing that I hadn’t learned the truth earlier. Amongst my fellow Americans there were those who had the knowledge and didn’t give it. They are Guilty of Homicide". The UK’s Truth Campaign in 1999 stated: 17 out of every 20 people (so children) shouldn’t have cancer. They have been murdered by the callous indifference of the people in power. Professor Linus Pauling double Nobel Laureate (deceased) stated some years ago: "Everybody should know that, the ’war’ on cancer is, largely, a fraud".

These are all deeply profound statements the public can use to question their governments. Extremely loud alarm bells are ringing here calling you all to learn even yet more truth. Cancer can be cured safely, quickly, via many natural organic remedies with no need for doctors, hospitals, surgery or chemotherapy, contrary to world media lies. Some fine examples being:

B17 from Hunza apricot kernels, Vitamin C with Selenium, Essiac, Dr. Hulda Reheger Clark’s approach, Macrobiotics and Body Electronics (BE). BE is the most advanced Natural Healing system in the world. There are many other safe remedies for cancer and all degenerative diseases with case histories testifying to the truth of this. Type in Kushi Institute who’ve also been suppressed for 30-plus years, check the testimonials. Their sister site is One Peaceful World. Elaine Hollingsworth with her book and website: doctorsaredangerous.com to list just a few of many excellent examples. Decades of worldwide governmental medical and judicial fraud and scandal on ill child illness victims and folk in hospitals as well as prisoners globally, is beyond words. This extreme and very cruel state misbehaviour must be very urgently addressed by the public.

Judge Young not only ruled on Cannabis as Safe: Compared to chemotherapy drugs, but also that cannabis in its natural herbal state is Non-Toxic. What this means under the law is, the Fact that it’s a herb plus it’s Non-Toxic, means it should not be under the Misuse of Drugs Act anywhere on planet. A substance has to be harmful to be placed there, which cannabis isn’t. The illegal placement of cannabis under this politically invented ’Act’ I reveal, is a hidden Crime Against Humanity never before publicly shown. Chemotherapy’s super-poisons that kill children, women and men worldwide every single day of the year should be banned. Examples of chemotherapy’s terrible effects are shown in Judge Young’s Ruling.

Along with the LCA during and after our intensive open public investigation and interrogation of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judges in 2000, we again took further prosecutorial action using the FCDA Report as our unbeatable weapon. This was done because as clearly shown on page 17 of the FCDA Indictment under UN Principles No. 3 that any criminal act committed by any head of state does not excuse them from punishment under the law. These Principles also apply to any state employed person(s) who commit criminal offences, acting pursuant to the orders of those in power i.e. politicians, top police, solicitors, barristers, judges, media. All state employed personnel as outlined above are equal before the law, without mitigation, especially in the cannabis prohibition context.

The ECHR judges refused to answer any and all our questions pertaining to The Report of the FCDA back in 2000. This is similar to the same scenario as the Nuremberg Trials after WW2 which the FCDA refer to in The Report, only this time it’s far worse, as it’s virtually all top judges worldwide involved. We know, after our open public investigation of Blair and ECHR judges and like many others who have tried to penetrate their ’hallowed’ walls, that they are Guilty of decades of Capital Crimes. This is Fact. I welcome anyone to check our previous history at the LCA. Let Blair plus the current ECHR judges and others I cite in this report, now face us publicly live on satellite TV (see closing references on this). We are unafraid, they will immediately lose again.

One supposes that the ECHR judges incorrectly and arrogantly assume that they’re the only people in the world to have studied law. That they alone exalt can themselves as untouchable, therefore can abuse, ill-treat and disrespect the world’s sick and dying children and people and imprison completely innocent people. The UN Declaration of Human Rights laws are everyone’s, the Peoples laws. They are not owned by anyone, especially ECHR judges who’ve never used them to dispense Justice for 65 years since the 1948 inception of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws and Principles. Decades of these judges with their vile and despicable treachery, along with their appalling crimes and lies to the international public needs urgently addressing.

Shortly after our investigation in 2000 of the ECHR judges using the FCDA Report’s irrefutable, conclusive and incontrovertible Exonerative Evidence, the U.S.’s very courageous James Cox with his wife Patti quickly joined our UK’s public’s prosecuting team. As quoted on page 24 above re. Denial of cannabis and the fact that James was dying, then along with the Alun at the LCA we four all united, jointly charging these ECHR so-called judges with Conspiracy to Murder (just like Nuremberg). This was never reported by any mainstream European media but Alun put it up on Internet. They can fool some of the people all the time, but not all of the people all of the time and most certainly not me.

I really felt for James dying with his cancer and he said to me in 2000: " If I die will you please get Justice for my wife and son"? Obviously I said yes. James and Pattie Cox are amazing, and a shining outstanding example to the world of truly tremendous courage. All please honour them, respect their names by standing by them now today as they stood up for you all worldwide over a decade ago. Send this news of their amazing stance with our UK team against these lawless, very cruel ECHR judges to cannabis friends and organisations around Europe, America, worldwide and folks who aren’t cannabis users. I feel I’ve let James and Patti down, but we did everything humanly possible between 98-2000 to make the world aware of the FCDA Report.

If, the ECHR judges were doing their job living honest, law-abiding righteous lives, can they tell you now why they haven’t upheld the laws they’ve personally violated for 65 years and are still doing today as you read this? Betrayers, liars to our children and you, these so-called judges are the destroyers of our world. The UK monarchy, can they tell you why they’ve been violating the very laws the queen signed and still are today? Can any supreme court on Earth now tell you/us why they didn’t rule the cannabis prohibition illegal in 1948 bringing those responsible to justice then? We know why.

We exposed these ECHR judges disgrace in 2000, twice. Firstly when James Patti and I charged them as shown above, secondly when I received a letter from Alun in 2000 shortly after he had also approached them with around 600-plus people. These judges had said to him in their callous criminal indifference: "We had no case, without disclosing reasons, by a unanimous decision, with no appeal process". What kind of grave criminal injustice to the world’s public is ’without disclosing reasons’?

Their non-response to the FCDA Exonerative Evidence was because they knew then, that what they were doing was criminal. They also know today that when the world finds this out they will be immediately removed from public office. These ’judges’ are an Abomination to the world. They must be brought before the public, tried and their assets frozen.

Because we were a private public prosecuting team not working for the state, but for The People, those ECHR judges thought they had some exalted right to not only not be forthcoming to the public with the truth, but also to utterly destroy all our childrens’ and families lives with their illegal persecution. The investigators/prosecutors after WW2 exposed all the top criminal German judges at the Nuremberg Trials, so this second exposition of top judges by me today 2011 is the latest and it’s extremely severe worldwide. These so-called top judges are not what they seem and could not face the simple truth of the following facts.

That we are all perfectly intelligent people. That we would not and will not be deceived by them even today 2011. That we are perfectly capable of managing top judicial world public affairs for the betterment of humanity. That we beat them effortlessly with the FCDA Report. That we are quite capable of reporting their Capital Crimes to the international public as I’m doing again today.
That we are also perfectly capable as well as legally justified of organising a public demonstration to demand the FCDA Report be satellite televised with the public questioning those cited here, not state personnel, they’re all corrupt.

Cannabis has never been illegal, it is the ’law’ from the start that always has been. It will be more than the usual international news when this disgraceful world scandal eventually breaks. No-one worldwide has ever been Guilty for any cannabis-related activities since cannabis prohibition started, as clearly shown throughout The Reports’ irrefutable incontrovertible law Facts.

The Report clearly shows multiple Crimes Against Humanity via this illegal prohibition including the violation of 16 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights laws, as well as the violation of internal laws of all western nations involved. It shows full complicit involvement of the UK Home Office, DEA and all other governments globally, along with judges from the highest to the lowest, some medical establishments and all the world’s national media.

We want no more cover-ups and most certainly, no more state prosecutors involved here. This has to be a world first publicly organised event with the public asking the questions, with the law and truth i.e. real Justice on their side. Neither do we want or need any more political, judicial and especially media lies. It stops here. It’s why we called on Blair to face us on national television in 1998 to have all these issues addressed and put on the international public table for all to see.

As expected, he refused to meet us knowing we would not only oust him out of public office, but many others. The UK’s Magna Carta was signed and ratified by the UK queen, yet this so-called monarchy have for decades wilfully permitted the UK state to abuse the UK’s children and people, permiitting government to violate numerous laws from the Magna Carta and Human Rights Laws aforementioned. Let’s not forget other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, who have or share strong ties with the UK and who have the same queen as head of state. Want to know how unimpressed we are with all of them here?

Watch Chris Everard’s films on enigmaTV.com He is the top documentary film maker in Europe of many films such as Die Lady about Princess Diana’s murder, or Murdered by the Monarchy, or Spiritworld which has a lot about 9/11 in it. The song Silent Running by Mike and The Mechanics advises people with these lyrics: "Don’t believe the church and state and everything they tell you, believe in me I’m with the High Command". Or from Supertramp’s album Crime of the Century: "Who are these men of lust greed and glory, rip off the masks let’s see"?

A lot of folk are rapidly doing that like Chris Everard, Truth Campaign, David Icke, Nexus magazine etc. etc. In 2000 we ripped the masks of these fraudulent highly criminal ECHR judges, and here again today 2011. Regardless of their high positions, rank or status in national or world society, these criminal judges and others nemed here committing decades of Crimes Against Humanity must be brought to trial. When the directors of the FCDA sent me my 36-page Indictment it headlined: The Plaint of Chris Rowley versus Regina de facto as States Prosecution Service.

The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) emanates from the crown i.e. the queen, hence we laid into them too. Like Blair, she refused to be honest, forthcoming to the public, also knowing full well as I also took on Lord Chief Justice Bingham laying the FCDA Indictment against him too. We never made any secret of our public works back then, having neither desire or need to. Communicating over a few months with the directors of the FCDA in France in 1998, I received four letters from them with more revelations not shown in The Report which I report next.

For e.g. The case in Kentucky of 300 acres set with cannabis around 14 years ago. Busted, the three generations living there went to court, produced the FCDA Report and were found Not Guilty. The honest judge there ordered that they were given their farm and all belongings back. They can never be re-tried again, because the ’law’ itself is illegal, worldwide. The American national media never reported this outstanding case as it would have meant the end of the cannabis prohibition in America then, and so the world. In the UK we almost succeeded in doing this in 1998, but callous ECHR and UK state brutality against not only our public team but also our children and families prevented this crucial event from happening.

They FCDA directors also advise us that: "Since 1928 not one single proper truthful defence has ever been presented by a solicitor" (worldwide). As they also explain: "Solicitors don’t want their clients to know just how wrong this cannabis prohibition is...because they are part of the enforcement process". "The prosecution can and has been beaten". "To date where The Report was produced in court the charges were dropped". So it has been here in Europe with many cases of cannabis charges being immediately dropped with presentation of the FCDA Report in court. Again all these outstanding cases were never reported by any mainstream European media because of their 100% complicity and daily active involvement in this conspiracy.

Revolution with the public rising en-masse in Peace to attain an historic global resolution to the cannabis prohibition, is an entirely different thing. Having a rally with something completely fresh that most of the world’s public have never heard of, will turn the spotlight away from legalise cannabis marches, on to the public asking "What is this FCDA Report all about"?

It’s time for everyone to consider fast adopting this fresh invigorating approach that will achieve the lifting of the world cannabis prohibition. I did often say unity, or to unite in my The Immediate Global Annihilation (of prohibition of cannabis) TIGA files I wrote back in 98-2000 put on net by Alun at the LCA. It is utterly tragic that most folk couldn’t see then, this blindingly obvious FCDA solution I advised them of. Much of the world’s suffering would have ceased back then.

A satellite televised Medical Nuremberg is an international public event that needs to happen. Saving the children takes priority as it’s saving our future. We knew the world was in a crisis medically as well as legally long before 1998. We all know this prohibition is a heinous world crime, legally and morally wrong for sick and dying children and people, as well as all the innocent prisoners. Again showing cannabis prohibition’s global illegality as a rep. to The Report for well over twelve years, is why I’m once again strongly advising not just cannabis organisations, but everyone at this time, to act swiftly and unite.

It is not that hard to organise one major rally to demand public exposure of the FCDA Report. Would folks in any cannabis organisations or other organisations in the world anywhere please start fast uniting with each other to organise this rally in Ireland. The longer we delay the more the suffering continues, which is totally unfair on all of the sick children, folks and prisoners worldwide. All those folks suffering in hospitals and jails round the world are only suffering this appalling indignity, humiliation and illness simply because they don’t know of the FCDA Report.

Folks in Ireland Europe and the world could now easily change that by the late autumn of this year. The Report shows that all previous US and UK administrations along with other governments globally, have always known about these judicial illegalities. The proof is here, in all these quotes issued for you all from The Report, with further quotes here: All cannabis trials to date have been mis-trials....also that: Anyone who claims that cannabis is harmful are unfit to be in public office. I could go on, but there’s more than enough here for everyone to stand firm with.

Everyone saw the world rise with tremendous compassion over the death of Princess Diana. With full respect everyone, I’m calling on you all to demonstrate and show even more compassion by putting the world’s millions of innocent sick children, sick people and prisoners first. They have both a moral and legal right to be free of their diseases and prisons immediately. For the prohibitionists to admit the FCDA’s Exonerative Evidence is not easy for them, for it’s only then their full shame will be exposed worldwide. However, a massive public rally now focusing purely and only on exposing The Report will then force them to bow down, capitulate, surrendering to the will of The People. As John Lennon sang: "Power to the People".

All persons persecuted for cannabis activities since 1948 are owed financial compensation by world governments, clearly shown in The Report. You/we have the right to not only demand it, but collect it. One does not need to be an economics expert to see that the untold billions spent yearly globally on state law enforcement today, can immediately go in to paying everyone their immediate-due compensation tomorrow. That day will come very quickly with folk acting promptly. It is obvious that the world’s public have been paying taxes for ’law’ enforcement for decades under illegal laws. Grand Theft Global. The talk is over, it’s time for action.

The states of the world cannot deny the truth contained within The Report, it is undeniable. Also shown is the fast eradication of famine, so please demonstrate even greater compassion here everyone, think of the starving kids round the world too. We all know famine is politically engineered. Also shown is the reversal of desertification via cannabis replacing lumber, thus the fast cessation of the destruction of the rain forests, plus all the myriad of other beneficial attributes cannabis serves humanity with shown in The Report. The Cannabis Bio-Mass Energy Equation is also published in there for the first time.

Interestingly I recently educated some youth in Southern Ireland into the FCDA Report and last year a 17-year old got busted for a joint. I gave him page 1 and 36 of the FCDA Indictment, and the two pages from The Report concerning the Supreme Law. It’s quite clear under the Supreme Law that quote: Under the law the Prohibition of Cannabis is illegal. He took these pages into the Killarney Garda (police) station alone. Minutes later they dropped any intended action they were going to bring against him.

Now you can see that which I was saying in 1998-2000 about Unity. One Irish teenage lad briefly united with me, received four pages of FCDA evidence and beat the police. Four pages and a 17-year old beats the Irish police. How cool is that?

If one teenager can do this on his own, the public demonstrating in unity with the FCDA Report can do a mega-lot better. That is to say, attain a resounding Peoples victory worlwide. Equal rights and Justice stands for all so it’s time to claim your long overdue reward. The UK government’s fear was complete fear of The Report being publicly exposed in 1998, justifiably so. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that, this One book, The Report, will stop all governments worldwide with this cannabis prohibition installed dead in their tracks. The Truth must urgently Out to save the children, people and planet.

Don’t enrich the FCDA directors any further, under any circumstances. Alun also had his issues with them. It’s not necessary for folk to be swamped with law. The FCDA are meant to be a non-profit organisation yet how is it that they never pushed to make this public over twelve years ago? They are a very dubious crowd in that sense seemingly only seeking to profit from sales of The Report at others great misfortune, because if you go to their website they begrudgingly impart only miniscule information.

Every single aspect imaginable of cannabis is discussed in The Report, law, undeniable medical relief, driving on cannabis, alcohol abuse statistics, radioactive tobacco, you name it it’s there. All that matters is that folk shouldn’t rush to buy The Report. Challenge the Irish politicians and DPP with the quotes here from it at the INEC. They would be both foolish and incredibly stupid to even attempt to deny them. The time for peaceful world revolutionary action by the public has has come.

The quote above from page 24 re. the Denial of Cannabis, is the most powerful law quote regarding cannabis ever. May I now recommend people very quickly arm themselves to use these quotes today to demand the FCDA Report be made public. Just these few quotes from The Report is enough to expose the Irish state with folks marching en-masse, armed with them on placards held high stating: Expose The Report of the Family Council on Drug Awareness Europe & America Now - We Demand Immediate Televised Public Answers (or similar) as well as holding the paperwork with these quotes as proof. It’s perfectly reasonable to cut and paste all I’ve quoted here from The Report and its directors onto a single page. Theses are numerous global governments Capital Crimes which are deadly serious and that, is what is more than unreasonable to you all.

The governments in Europe were and still are in fear of this getting out into the public domain. Remember how Clinton was openly questioned on satellite TV re. Monica Lewinsky? But this is no cheap sex scandal. Hold one government to task publicly with The Report and the cannabis prohibition will be lifted globally. It is still my/our urgent wish to question and cross-examine Blair and the others so charged, openly via satellite from S. Ireland. I also want to question and cross-examine the current Irish DPP Hamilton, the garda Commissioner and the Irish supreme court judges as they were also challenged by me to expose The FCDA Report in the last few years. With open public questioning of the above-named in the autumn this year from the INEC will reveal the truth to the world. This is far too grave for the public to ignore. This is about real Justice.

We need fast positive change from cannabis organisations and others, from people with fast positive ways. After these decades of illegal prohibition with the daily on-going medical atrocities because of it, it’s now time for us to have Our day. The faster this FCDA news spreads with folk responding swiftly by non-stop forwarding of this information round the world, the quicker we can unite as One bringing this global tyranny to a rapid, very timely end. Feel free to post it on the net whoever would care to help.

By bringing this story to the public’s attention via a rapidly organised rally in Eire, so too united will we bring the prohibitionists crashing down, exactly like the IMF chief recently just brought down. How the mighty are fallen. Who now will be the people and organisations to help organise this rally? We need to address this situation as one voice as it’s our one world. Rise as One voice everywhere with this information. It would take just the one massive public rally in Ireland to expose The Report for the world to know the Truth so everyone let’s make it mega-big please.

I would like our previous works with the UK’s LCA to be made public for you internationally via satellite TV, ensuring justice be done for James and Patti Cox plus everyone else globally. This was always my/our aim from the start in 1998. Allow me to be clear. This is an International Peoples Public Prosecution, not the states, it always was. The FCDA Report is the Peoples of the worlds’ legal retaliation to decades of their criminal activities which will be attained via this rally.

Organising the rally to happen at the INEC in Killarney would be the best option for us worldwide. Eire’s a very small country so a vulnerable and extremely easy target. There are only four TV stations in tiny Eire, RTE 1 & 2, Channel 3 and TG4. Making it a 3-5 day event with many public cannabis speakers from all over the world such as Alun, Jack etc, plus having a mini holiday too, will appeal to many people. World class music bands play at the INEC especially in the summer/autumn. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs, with many historical places to see, many beaches not far from Killarney, deep sea fishing etc.

There are plenty of places for camping too as Killarney is right in the heart of the Kerry countryside and very well placed. Local farmers would probably be delighted to rent land out at a mere 5 euros a night per tent. Killarney would be beautifully swamped with hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even a lot more. The more the merrier is a simple motto to adopt. There would be absolutely nowhere to hide for the Irish DPP Hamilton, or supreme court judges or the Irish government, because the Irish just love to talk and are heartily sick of the government and its failing health service. It’s time the Irish government faced the music.

Hold placards high with with all those named here as wanted for public questioning by us, Blair included. written. Those who can spare a little money could perhaps print out some one-pagers of the quotes for handing them round to the Irish public. This recommended public rally is a reasonably effortless simple but highly effective strategy for everyone to adopt.

It should be everyone’s firm goal to positively ensure everyone have medical marijuana immediately, simultaneously, globally, on the same day. I recommend folks devote much of their time over the next few weeks to pursue and organise this so that we can bring those responsible for these Capital Crimes to justice. After a century of state crimes it is most definitely time to make a satellite televised event in Eire happen. I would like to recommend cannabis organisations begin to organise this event with allied organisations, the events manager at the INEC and local farmers round Killarney. Maragaret Mead’s lovely quote says it all: "Never doubt for an instant that, a small thoughtful group of dedicated people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". We all have the power to decide and bring about this vital world change by this one simple rally.

Advised very recently that the US government are now trying to end the medical marijuana thing in all US states is also extremely alarming. Couple their nonsense with heavily repressed Sweden, UK and Eire with all of their fanatical zealot prohibitionist allies here now trying to force a crackdown in Europe, it’s absolutely critical to fast initiate a massive public response. The time has now come to Do this, which would then bring about the exigent change that is crucially needed for the world.

We must fast unite everyone to come to Ireland to lift the cannabis prohibition, thereby attaining medical legalisation which is what the world needs, or it’s the end of any and all hope for everyone. The sick kids and folks will continue to be sick, will continue to suffer and die. The global persecution will continue, with prisoners still continuing to rot and die in their cells too. It is paramount to demand those responsible to be brought before us at the INEC without fail. There is no mitigation for those state officials I’ve named as clearly shown in The Report. Nor will I give them any. The mighty must now be made to fall by us all.

Rise in Peace and Unity everywhere to end this global tyranny forever. Our long bitter experience has taught me/us that no court on Earth will ever provide the instantaneous Justice that the people of the world need today. In the light of the exposure of the ECHR judges and other law information here, it is down to the people to make this rally happen. Exposing the Truth with satellite TV will attain Justice worldwide for everyone simultaneously. It’s everyone’s goal to have it legalised, so let’s make it happen by coming together in Ireland in a few short months. Remember, we have the law and truth firmly on our side.

Thank you for reading this simple report that I trust you will now all fast use for the planets’ benefit. Organised by the public for the public this would be a world first event, exclusively for putting the global law on cannabis prohibition on trial via a satellite televised public hearing. This very auspicious public occasion will then free the world of the illegal Cannabis Prohibition, medical cannabis be legalised, the prisoners rightfully freed, financial compensation paid to all persecuted for cannabis since 1948.

It has been many long years on a long difficult road, a very humbling experience, a huge learning curve for me and still is, but it has also been a pleasure in between the painful state persecution. I’m honoured, proud to know you all and wish many more years of long good life to you and your families. To all out there working hard striving to make the world a better place for all our children and ourselves, thankyou each and every one of you. You are all amazing. Positive response and feedback is always well appreciated by me/us. I can be contacted at: oneworldonevoice777 at yahoo.com

Finally I would like to extend my acknowledgements to: Michio Kushi, Alun LCA, Rachel, Jen, Nick REE, Jack CLCIA, James and Patti Cox US, Tony, Steve, Brigid, Eric, Angela, Evan, Mickey, Sheffield University Hemp Society, along with numerous other folk who’ve helped me through these long years. Couldn’t have done it without you all. My endless appreciation and thanks.

Peace be to you all - Chris

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  • THE SHOCKING FACTS ON CANNABIS PROHIBITION 7 January 2013 19:14, by Juergen
    Chapeau ... but why is this important information only in english published, really I wonder why nobody has translated "TheReport" in all mainly used languages: Spanish, German, French ... the more the better and then publish it in the internet. It’s about high time that everybody gets this information presented. Peace.

    repondre message

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