• ENCOD | The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies
    What is ENCOD?
    ENCOD is a European network of around 150 members; organizations, companies and citizens who want and end to the war on drugs. Since 1993 we have been working to reform drug policies and strengthen the voice of consumers and producers of illegal drugs at the United Nations, the European Union and on the national and local level. ENCOD defends the right of citizens to consume and obtain substances in a safe way, including cultivation for personal use, safe distribution and access to trusted information and knowledge about the traditions, effects and possible risks of different substances. ENCOD supports regulatory models that respect the basic human and civil rights of people who consume drugs. We have been promoting the Cannabis Social Club as a model for consumption, production and distribution since 2000 and established a European code of conduct for CSC’s in 2005.
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    What does ENCOD do?
    We promote alternative models to the black market. To reduce the harms caused by the inaccessibility of the substance and related lack of information. We offer support to our members. They are European initiatives that protect the human and civil rights of people who use drugs and who organize actions and campaigns to highlight violations of these rights. We join roundtables within the European dialogue. To promote just and effective drug policies in and around the EU and participating in international forums to change the UN drug conventions. We hare information and ideas related to drug policy in various European languages, addressing the general public, the media, institutions and politicians through our various broadcast channels.
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    ENCOD’s longest running campaign, Freedom to Farm, highlights the autonomy of the individual and the right to self-determination. We defend cultivation for personal use as a basic human right and support the freedom to farm for producers around the globe. The consumers should be able to choose how they obtain substances, according to their values and possibilities. The goal of this campaign is to show the violation of rights of European citizens who want to farm for themselves or within good practices models to produce the substances, in a logical and legal way. It aims to establish regulatory models in which the rights of the growers are protected by law.
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Freedom to Farm highlights the autonomy of the individual and the right to self-determination. We defend cultivation for personal use as a basic human right and support the freedom to farm for producers around the globe.


The main purpose of Cannabis Social Clubs is to show the general public and authorities that it is possible to create an alternative to the illegal market.


We build alliances with parliament members, local and regional authorities to produce pressure on national and European authorities to reform drug policy.


In 2018 we are relaunching the fund Seeds for drug peace to encourage and empower our members across Europe to make small-scale actions and raise awareness on relevant drug policy issues.


2-4 November

Cannafest 2018 Prague

The international trade show of cannabis and medicinal herbs Cannafest is the largest cannabis trade show in the world. It’s 9th year will take place November 2nd – 4th 2018, in the beautiful setting of the PVA Expo Prague Letnany.


ENCOD General Assembly 2018 Press Release
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THE ENCOD GENERAL ASSEMBLY HAS ELECTED A BOARD WITH WOMEN MAJORITY ENCOD continues improving the Drugs Policy and revamps the NGO by an equality gender perspective, giving priority to the participation of the members and the transparent management in a sensible and professional approach.   BÍTOV – The General Assembly of ENCOD was held from […]

Survey: European Civil Society on Drugs Report (ENCOD)
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We are very happy to present you the new survey: ¨European Civil Society on Drugs¨ by ENCOD. It will be used to create an updated report about the Drugs Policy in Europe and the situation of the most vulnerable people on drug matters: the users, the activists and the advocates.   It is addressed to […]

ENCOD General Assembly 2018
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ENCOD invites all its members to the annual General Assembly, which will be held in the Czech Republic, at the Konopná farma Vranč Bítov 2, 671 10 Bítov, from the 21st to 23rd of September 2018. You are welcome to arrive at Thursday the 20th and return on Monday the 24th. Please register before the […]



The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, is a pan-European network of currently 160 NGO’s and individual experts involved in the drug issue on a daily base. We are the European section of an International Coalition, which consists of more than 400 NGOs from around the world that have adhered to a Manifesto for Just and Effective Drug Policies (established in 1998). Among our members are organisations of cannabis and other drug users, of health workers, researchers, grassroot activists as well as companies.

E-mail Secretariat: office (at) encod.org